Policy Coverage

What the Policy Covers

OUM's extensive professional liability insurance policy offers broad protection that covers the range of professional chiropractic services you provide within your state's defined scope of practice.

Legal Defense against Professional Liability Claims

In the event of a professional liability claim covered by your policy, OUM will:

  • Provide you with an attorney experienced in chiropractic malpractice litigation.
  • Coordinate all aspects of your defense.
  • Pay the legal fees for your defense, even if charges are groundless, false or fraudulent. These fees are paid in addition to your policy's limits of liability.
  • Pay settlement or judgment costs up to your policy limits.
  • Pay you up to $500 a day in lost earnings due to time spent at defense proceedings, up to $5,000 per occurrence and $10,000 aggregate.

For more information about OUM Claims Management, please click here.

Additional Coverage

In addition to covering treatment administered in your scope of practice, the OUM policy protects you for the following professional chiropractic services you may offer:

  • Peer reviews
  • Utilization reviews
  • Second opinions
  • Consultations
  • Independent medical exams you physically provide
  • Memberships on professional boards or committees

Policy Benefits

Employee Coverage

Full- or part-time employees are automatically covered under your OUM policy while acting within the scope of their employment and under the direction of the insured chiropractor, except for other doctors and certified registered nurse anesthetists.

Additional premium required in Kansas and Connecticut.

Regulatory or Administrative Legal Defense

Includes legal defense coverage for alleged sexual misconduct, billing errors and omissions and more! Coverage may vary by state.

Locum Tenens

Locum tenens coverage lets you add a substitute chiropractor to your policy during your absence, at no additional charge, for up to 60 days per policy period and protects you for incidents that may occur while the substituting doctor treats your patients.

Not available in Connecticut and Kansas.

Legal Entity Coverage

Legal entity coverage is typically available as an additional coverage to OUM policyholders. This benefit extends an owner's protection to include his/her legal entity (corporation, partnership, PA, etc). Shared or separate limits of liability are available. To qualify, all owners or shareholders of the corporation must be insured with OUM with the same limits of liability. Coverage does not extend to other chiropractors, physicians or surgeons.

Shared Limits

You and your corporation share your limits of liability. This means that whatever your limit is per occurrence, you and the corporation would both draw from that amount. There is no charge for this coverage and you can add it to your policy at any time.

Not available in Connecticut and Kansas.

Separate limits

You and your corporation each have separate limits of liability. Whatever your limit is per occurrence, your corporation will have an additional limit of the same amount. There is a charge for separate limits and it is determined by the number of owner policyholders.

Our Long-term Commitment

OUM's longevity in chiropractic malpractice insurance demonstrates our long-term commitment to your profession. With so many companies entering and leaving the malpractice insurance business, it's good to know you can count on OUM if you ever report a claim.