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OUM Chiropractor Program Claim Mission

To promptly, fairly and efficiently defend and resolve the claims brought against our policyholders.

OUM Chiropractor Program Claim Philosophy

The expeditious settlement of meritorious claims and aggressive defense of those without merit is the guiding principal of OUM's claim philosophy. We facilitate this by

  1. Early identification of liability, or lack of merit;
  2. Establishing damage information sooner rather than later;
  3. Moving toward early disposition of non-meritorious claims by motion, voluntary dismissal or other means of dispute resolution;
  4. Use of jury trial for those cases evaluated as being defensible;
  5. Proactively offering a fair settlement in meritorious claims; and
  6. Vigorously resisting payment of indemnity solely for economic reasons.

OUM Chiropractor Program's Medical Professional Liability Claim Services

OUM Chiropractor Program (OUM) is a national insurance services company, underwritten by PACO Assurance Company, Inc. or PICA, which specializes in providing professional liability insurance to chiropractors and acupuncturists. OUM recognizes that its primary responsibility is to provide quality claim services to its insureds.

To meet these unique needs, OUM has developed a claim staff of seasoned professionals that is considered to be one of the best in the medical malpractice insurance industry today with over 90 years of experience in medical liability insurance.

OUM prides itself on the quality of its claim staff. Collectively, OUM's medical professional liability staff totals 8 persons, and encompasses more than 130 years of insurance experience. On average, OUM's professional staff has 16 years experience in the insurance industry and 11 years experience in handling chiropractic professional liability claims.

OUM's professional staff is known for its specialization in handling medical malpractice claims. Expertise in the fields of law and medicine and concentrated attention on the arts of investigation, evaluation and negotiation have resulted in OUM's reputation as a leader of professional liability insurers.

A panel of specifically approved and seasoned defense counsel will be appointed to represent you should representation become necessary. Many of these firms have been with OUM for 20+ years. For those claims ultimately litigated in the courts, we are very proud of the fact that we have consistently maintained a win/loss ratio of 75 - 85%. This success can be attributed to the experience of our professional claim staff, defense counsel and the processes utilized in the investigation, evaluation and resolution of medical professional liability claims.