About OUM

About OUM

How do I know OUM is a program I can trust?

The OUM Chiropractor Program has provided medical professional liability insurance protection—and peace of mind—to chiropractors for many years. We offer one of the best malpractice protections on the market today, with a combination of value, service and stability.

With OUM Chiropractor Program, you get more than just a malpractice insurance policy. Being insured by OUM is like having a silent partner in your practice—a third party who's there to help safeguard your future.

Our commitment to chiropractors is the same today as it was when we began: to diligently protect and defend our policyholders against malpractice claims even if charges are groundless, false or fraudulent while providing unparalleled client service.

More than just malpractice insurance, we fulfill this commitment by offering:

  1. Affordable rates to help keep your expenses in line;
  2. Coverage that protects you, your employees and your practice; and
  3. First-rate customer service when you need it.

Even the most skilled, caring doctor can face the threat of a lawsuit. And that is why it's critical you choose the right medical professional liability insurance from a company experienced in -- and dedicated to -- serving chiropractors.

We know chiropractic claims.

OUM has extensive training and knowledge of chiropractic claims, which means we work through each claim skillfully -- watching out for your best interests at every turn. In addition, we work with an extensive, national network of defense attorneys who specialize in chiropractic malpractice litigation.

We work with you.

Our claims handling philosophy revolves around the idea that we -- you, your attorney and OUM -- work together to resolve your claim.

We won't settle if you won't settle.

OUM's "consent to settle" policy provision assures you we won't settle a claim without your consent. (Per policy terms)

As a busy professional, you need convenient, direct access to your medical professional liability provider when you have questions or need help. OUM's Policy Services Department is open 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Central Standard Time), Monday through Friday, to provide prompt, valuable information and services.

OUM's longevity in chiropractic medical professional liability insurance demonstrates our long-term commitment to your profession. With so many programs entering and leaving the malpractice insurance business, it's good to know you can count on OUM Chiropractic Program if you ever report a claim.


Questions About Medical Professional Liability Insurance

How does OUM's medical professional liability insurance protect a doctor?

Medical professional liability insurance protects you against allegations of malpractice.

OUM's professional liability insurance policy offers broad protection that covers the range of professional chiropractic services you provide within your state's defined scope of practice.

In the event of a malpractice claim covered by your policy, OUM will:

  1. Provide you with an attorney experienced in chiropractic malpractice litigation, when appropriate.
  2. Coordinate all aspects of your defense.
  3. Pay the legal fees for your defense, even if charges are groundless, false or fraudulent. These fees are paid in addition to your policy's limits of liability.
  4. Pay settlement or judgment costs up to your policy limits.
  5. Pay you up to $500 a day in lost earnings due to time spent at defense proceedings at our request, up to $5000 per claim and $10,000 aggregate.

Coverage for Other Services

In addition to covering treatment administered in your scope of practice, OUM policies protect you for the following professional chiropractic services you may offer:

  1. Peer reviews
  2. Utilization reviews
  3. Second opinions
  4. Consultations
  5. Independent medical exams you physically provide
  6. Services as a member of a chiropractic professional board or committee

Who needs to have medical professional liability insurance?

Statistics show that one out of every 100 insured chiropractors in the United States will have a claim filed against them each year.

Actually, the real question is can you afford not to be covered? You never know when that call or letter will come.

Some states require doctors to carry malpractice insurance and most managed care organizations require coverage in order to qualify for their network of approved providers.

While just about everyone understands the need for protection, some doctors think if they are careful and conscientious, or if they think they provide low-risk treatment, their patients will never sue them.

Unfortunately, such an attitude simply doesn't agree with the facts.

Even though many malpractice suits are without merit or foundation, doctors still need a strong program like OUM to stand by them and provide protection.

The reality is that if a patient is allegedly injured, a good attorney is going to name everyone who was involved in the patient's care in the lawsuit. This could happen whether you have coverage or not. But if you do have coverage, and are named in a malpractice suit, even if the allegations are without merit, your policy will protect you financially by paying for your defense and, with your consent, any settlement or judgment against you, up to your limits of liability.

What is the difference between claims made and occurrence coverage?

The claims made policy protects you against incidents that arise from treatment provided after your policy's retroactive date and are reported while your policy is in force. In most situations, your retroactive date typically reflects the date your OUM policy originated. Provided you continuously renew your claims made policy, you may report claims for incidents that occurred in previous policy years, back to the beginning of your claims made coverage.

Example: You became an OUM policyholder in 2004, and have renewed your policy continuously since then, with no lapse in coverage. Today a patient you treated in 2006 files a malpractice claim against you. Because you have renewed your policy continuously since 2004 and it is currently in force, you are still protected by OUM for that 2006 incident.

The occurrence policy protects you against incidents that occur while the policy is in force, regardless of when the claim is reported.

Example: You became an OUM policyholder in 2004, and discontinued the policy in 2006. Today a patient you treated in 2005 files a malpractice claim against you. Because the patient was treated while the policy was in force, you're able to report the claim to OUM for that 2005 incident.

What limits of liability should I purchase*?

For your maximum protection, it is recommended you should purchase the highest limits of coverage you can afford.

Limits of liability are stated as two dollar figures, representing two levels of protection:

The first figure represents the maximum dollar amount OUM will pay per claim during the policy year.  The second figure represents the maximum dollar amount OUM will pay for all claims during the policy year.

In addition to the limits of liability you choose, OUM also pays for your defense costs. OUM offers several coverage limits:

  • $100,000/$300,000
  • $200,000/$600,000
  • $250,000/$750,000
  • $500,000/$1 million
  • $500,000/$1.5 million
  • $1 million/$1 million
  • $1 million/$3 million

*Some states require either a minimum or specific limits of liability. Check with your state chiropractic board for details. Not available in all states.


 "OUM" is insured and administered by ProAssurance Insurance Company of America (PICA).